Descriptive data
  • Theatre Royal (Birmingham, England) (theater company, British, act. 1774-1956)
    unknown (printer, British)
  • British
  • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, Theatre Royal, Birmingham [Playbill for performance November 3, 1820, in theater rebuilt after destruction by fire January 14, 1820]
  • overall
  • recto
  • Playbill
    Ephemera (printed)
  • 1820 (publication date)
  • Image: 2016
  • ink
  • printing
  • 31 x 19.7 cm (12.2 x 7.76 inches)
  • Playbill for Theatre Royal, Birmingham, which reads, "New Theatre Royal, Birmingham. Mrs. Bunn Has the Honour to announce to her Friends and the Public, that Her Benefit Is appointed to take Place This present Friday, Nov. 3, When will be produced (for the first Time) a New Grand Historical Tragedy, entitled Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. [roles and actors, details, song titles] To which will be added, Garrick's celebrated Farce of Bon Ton; Or, High Life Above Stairs. [roles and actors, ticket information]."
  • Trinity College, Watkinson Library (Hartford, Connecticut, USA)
  • Plays; Performances; Theaters; Playbills; Entertainment events; Actors; Actresses; Nineteenth (19th) century; Ephemera (printed); Advertisements; Theatre Royal (Birmingham, England) (British Theater company, act. 1774-1956); Comedy (genre); Isaacs, John (British actor, 1791-1839); Corri, Mrs. Haydn (British singer, -1867); Bunn, Margaret Agnes Somerville (British actor, 1799-1883); Garrick, David (British playwright, 1717-1779); Tragedy (literary, oral and motion picture genre)
  • Trinity College Watkinson Library: Ephemera: Theater, British Playbills
  • 542263
  • Trinity College Library Image Collections
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