Descriptive data
  • Dis des estats 3 (pointdappel)
  • Book
  • 1513
  • starts on v, reverse, side of page numbered 0.iii, and continues to the end
  • Collection Title Proper: Heures a lusaige de Paris.
  • Subcollection: Rare Books
  • Repository: Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
  • Archival Location: Rare Bx 2080 A5 F8 1513
  • churches
  • Classification: Publications
  • Cornell: Images from the Rare Book and Manuscript Collections
  • RMC2006_0891
  • 5623872.0
  • Bibliographic Information: p. 05v
  • For information regarding copyright for this image, send inquiries to

This image is provided by Cornell University.

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