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  • John Henry Comstock and Anna Botsford Comstock Portrait
  • portraits
  • Image:6/29/12
  • Comstock Hall, Foyer
  • Mural Photo Portrait
  • Comstock, John Henry (1849-1931) and Anna Botsford (1854-1930). Mural photo, artistnot identified. "John Henry and Anna Botsford Comstock were pioneers ofscience; since Cornell University's earliest days, they have inspired the highestachievement in the study of entomology. For more than half a century theComstocks contributed to the growth and maturation of the University'sDepartment of Entomology, engendering in students and colleagues alike a love ofnature, a reverence for its mysteries, and a commitment to rigorous scientificinquiry. Skilled teachers, dedicated researchers, respected friends-they were,indeed, formative forces in the lives and careers of countless Cornellians."Comstock Hall Foyer.
  • WA90-3.4
  • Comstock, John Henry, 1849-1931
    Anna Botsford, 1854-1930
  • Cornell: Campus Art and Artifacts
  • artsdb_0210

This image is provided by Cornell University.

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